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Because stocks represent partial ownership of a company, we treat our purchases as if we were buying the entire company.

We want to have a high degree of confidence the company will be in business 10 to 20 years from now. Do they have a balance sheet that can survive difficult periods in the economy? Do they have a sustainable competitive advantage? Are they susceptible to changes in technology?

After we are comfortable with the quality of a company we are considering, we then want to know how the current price of its stock compares to the value we would place on it. Can the stock be purchased at a discount from our perceived value of the company?


We believe that fixed income investments such as CDs, Treasury Bonds, and tax-free municipal bonds are intended to be the safe, stable, and dependable parts of your portfolio.

While many in our business are often tempted to “reach for yield” by investing in lower rated bonds or complex financial instruments, we place a high value on quality and simplicity. Obtaining a high interest rate is always welcome, but not at the risk of losing principal.

Fixed Income Investments

Our approach is to let the business make the money. It is not our intention to make money by buying and selling stock. Rather, we want to invest in a great company that will increase its value in the market place over time and share its profits with us through the dividends it pays out. We want to be long term owners of high quality, growing businesses.

Our Approach

Lincoln Capital’s reputation as a true partner is built on the understanding of diverse client needs, creating solutions that fit their current situation, while keeping the future in mind.

Investment Philosophy